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WELCOME to the Monitoring Platform!

Examine the evidence of the role of cultural and natural heritage in rural areas as a driver for sustainable growth. Regeneration initiatives are monitored in terms of their performance through cross-thematic and multiscale Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The Monitoring Platform shows a variety of dashboards from global performance values to detailed KPI data visualized through spider or radar charts and data tables.

Main Dashboards

This page shows the current status of all monitored Replicators. It also allows visualizing a detailed report and the action plan of each one. Mechanisms of filtering and sorting data are available to help you refine your searches.

Advanced Dashboards and System Dynamics

There are three advanced dashboards showing different data:
Global Performance Indicator (GPI), Capitals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
All of them are intended to show relevant data of the selected replicator and make comparisons between different events.
Use the System Dynamics models to analyse different what-if scenarios.

Manage Data

This private section allows the Replicators to upload and manage the data regarding the monitoring campaigns, events, action plans, etc.
Only Replicators can access this page.


Tool Manual